Archaeology 100% is the brainchild of two archaeology undergraduate students, Maria and Katerina. It was created in December 2012 during our Erasmus time in London. At first it started only as a Facebook page and a way of keeping track of all the information we found on Facebook about archaeology.

As we invested more time in the growth of the page we understood that this connection of archeology and social media can open new possibilities for us and our audience. As a result it made us want to keep finding unique material and the best opportunities to present into our page. As the title of the page reveals we are interested in all things archaeological, even topics that touch the borders of the science. However, we post mainly news about job opportunities, scholarships, seminars, conferences and journals, while we try to keep our content different than that of the major sites about archaeology. We also post news from the current Greek archaeological events because we want to promote the vibrant archaeological community of our country.

Our main purpose is to help people find all the existing opportunities within our field. It is very rewarding for us to know that we might have helped someone to find a good job or a PhD position. Secondly, we try to bring to spotlight as many different branches of archaeology as possible. The field is very broad and it keeps expanding as new technologies and means come to our hands. With the presentation of these different aspects we may help widen the perspective of a person as to the possibilities that archaeology offers.

In detail, here you will find:
• Information for archaeological job hunting, Vacancies
• Postgraduate opportunities in archaeology
• Scholarships
• Archaeological Seminars
• Workshops
• Summer schools
• Smashing (in our opinion) museums
• Exhibitions
• Archaeometry news
• Archaeological projects
• The latest big discoveries
• Archaeological Journals

All in all, Archaeology 100% consists of our love about this really dirty field. We are passionated students and archaeologists to be.




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